Customers will be free to list new currencies . High interest currencies are mined on Stakeminers or GorillaStake because all their funds/payouts are BTC-based. Allow to stake just high interest coins means give to people just another way to earn a 'bit, with no cares about the value added of a currency, of a community, of good developers. I would also say that those high interest currencies have a short life imho.


To fund your accounts just contact us asking some coins and we'll deposit funds. You will also be able to withdraw, but it'll be done by us and coins will be sent to a public online-wallet. If that is the case, then we will have to accept true reality and that is to NEVER invest in cloud staking or cloud mining schemes ever again. I'd rather stake my coins in my Raspberry Pis than leaving them to a third party who doesn't even give you the private key for you to recover your coins in case of situations like these. Speaking of which, once staisybit comes online I will withdraw my coins from there as soon as possible. It is just wholly unacceptable to run a business like this.

Though i strongly would suggest that you are open with everything you do. Show the addresse with the coins and all so that potential investors know that you really hold the coins. It might even possible, for big investors, that you send their coins to a multi signature address. The coins only need to lay down there until they need to move. And the investor could help moving them when its needed.

This would mean periodical maintenance, with consequent shifts of coins from one wallet to another . PoS is nowadays the most used consensus system. Crypto-world is growing day after day and Alt-Coin communities welcome dozens of new users, of new crypto-enthusiasts, every day. So, StaisyBit brings staking to everyone, from newbies to experts, from small investors to whales. In fact, I am a little concerned about what might happen to some coins that I was staking in the Staisybit platform.

I also think that devs should get their donations back. Alberto has given himself a time frame of three days, to be back completely. Meantime we have set up "institutional" stuffs, like, for example, the mail server. We are also organizing a promo/marketing campaign and, after significant "wallet's efforts", you will see some press releases about Staisybit, before the launch of the stable version.

Will be withdrawn and I will not return to this service. If you do not know Staisybit, please take a look at our Announcement thread here . You can also reach us at, but there is lack of information over there since we still are in beta phase and service and team presentations have been left as last stuff to do. If there's something not clear, feel free to ask more. 4) As per point 2), one obvious consequence is that Staisybit will rely on crypto currencies' developers.


I still have hope for this platform, and once goes online back again, I would be back at using it to stake my coins again. Looking forward for new and exciting updates to come for the platform. I really believe that at this stage after being patient for a VERY LONG TIME, Staisybit should offer to return all the coins to all the customers immediately and make that a priority. If Staisybit does not offer to return coins then Staisybit no longer has any trust and the recommendation must be to withdraw all your coins if Staisybit ever comes back online. Uncertainty and lack of communication is not a good thing.

You ask people to deposit money and then just take the service off-line for an unspecified period of time with no real updates and no time frame to come back. If Staisybit had a little bit of honour and decency they would let people withdraw their coins before they went down. had an issue and is closing down but they were serious enough to let people withdraw their coins first. 1) Staisybit doesn't work in the way "send us a BTC – we buy only super high interest currencies with your BTC – we send you back the coins mined with your BTC" .

We do not give to users a list of coin to stake. Instead, users will give us a list of coins they want to see on StaisyBit. Meanwhile, a cryptocurrency wallet that had operated since 2013, gave a statement that they are going to close and published as well an dead line to withdraw the coins. So it's been a long time but there are no updates as to what is going on, you havent even given us a timeframe for when we will be able to access the website and see our coins. Well, as long as the platform is being developed, I think that it should be nothing to worry about.

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If you like our project and want to contribute to its development, just send here 33YMZdX4MrKzJeEKejZ7w1QDGNT8xXrMvx your contribute and send us your e-mail via private message. Of course, when StaisyBit will be online we'll remember your goodness. If PoS is the future of mining, StaisyBit is the future of staking. You no more have to care about wallets updates, sync issues, wallet security. With Cloud Staking you just have to remember your login.

StaisyBit-beta will stay online for an undefined time frame, it basically will depend on how much information we are able to gather. Indeed, gather useful data is the main goal of this beta release. Related with the Cloud Staking service or with our project.

2) As per the point above, the customers will decide which currencies will be served. This is of primary importance for our purposes. We are going to open StaisyBit in next days, releasing a beta/test version of the service. We'll run two SPc , no wallets will be provided. Users will be able to register and create deposit addresses.

We are since 4 months in a stable period and there are nothing to fear! Staisybit proved more than 2x in this short period how he watch the coins on staisybit! So the why, that he halted the Europecoin and reported us his concerns! I fully agreed with staisybit's rules also in securities view, to add only coins, which work. In fact, staisybit is a great webservice, to control coincodes and control their networks too.


1) User A and User B have paid one day of Cloud Staking service, Users C has paid 0 days. If you replicate this scenario for 30 days, you will understand that User A and B would never get benefits from Cloud Staking, or even they get disadvantages. Only Noblecoin needs some improvements in coinscripts! Staisybit is testing a lot of possibilities in NOBLE and we contacted the dev of Noble already to make it happen! Everything will running smooth in nearest future.

I understand that maintenance may be necessary but it is customary to pre-warn of this and to provide an update either here or on the website. People will be concerned about their deposits and devs will be concerned about promoting the site if it proves unstable and if no official updates are provided. All the coins I have are working fine and have been for a long time now…

How we increased the decentralization of HBBFT with a dPoS based node election mechanics

Since users have no control of their coins, there will be massive withdrawals, from Staisybit if it ever becomes operational again. Before reply to your questions, i'd like to point out some of my thoughts about the creation of Staisybit and the Alt-coin world in general. These are all important things that you need to understand in order to understand the differences between the other Cloud Staking services .

We allow customers to send us their altcoins, we will mange/stake them until they want/need to withdraw their funds. We will be accepting customers altcoins for staking. The idea of a multi-sign address, even if theoretically right and understandable, is quite hard to get, at least for the moment. As per the staking and withdrawals systems have been programmed, we can't have one address per user into the main wallet for many reasons, some of which are even related with the C++ wallet itself. Also, and this has been tested in these months by me, wallets with much addresses and much transactions may become unstable.

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