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Good blood sugar and blood pressure control as well as regular eye examinations are essential for the prevention of retinopathy. Heavy alcohol consumption may increase a person’s risk for developing this disease. Interestingly, the risk of retinopathy was independent of the men’s ability to control their blood sugar, suggesting that alcohol may directly damage the […]

Anxiety, Binge Drinking Alcohol, Blurred Vision And Chills

Content Color vision impairment and drinking ×Top Health Categories The Acute Effects of Alcohol Abuse The Impact of Social Media on Substance Abuse and Addiction Can drinking more water help dry eyes? We categorized the relationship between alcohol intake and ocular conditions by the type of ocular exposure to alcohol. The main feature of alcohol […]

Alcohol & Hives: Can Alcohol Cause Hives? Allergic Reaction to Alcohol

Content Alcohol Intolerance Is Not An Allergy To Alcohol What’s OK to Drink With a Nut Allergy Alcohol intolerance How to Test for an Alcohol Allergy If you have any type of food allergy, it is important to be careful about the alcoholic beverages you drink. It helps to read the product label, although many […]